Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chandler's 3rd Birthday Party!!

I can't believe my little boy is three already, time goes by too fast!! So since we just had Charli's birthday party at our house 6 weeks ago, I decided to let Chuck E. Cheese clean up the mess this time. The kids had alot of fun playing on all the germ infested games and rides, and of course all the parents could think was, "Great, the sickness is gonna start all over again....where are the wipes?!" But I guess you just have to let them run wild every now and then. Chuck E. Cheese is after all the place "Where a kid can be a kid!" :) Happy Birthday Chan-Man!!

Chandler and cousin Kendall

Kendall and Charli wondering,
hmmmm, how are we gonna get up there?

We did it!!

So when Chuck first came out and was dancing for the kids Chandler was all into it, then when he got too close.......

He wasn't too happy about it!! :)

Charli was gettin' into it!

Cousin Sicily
Charli and Kendall loved the horse.

Auntie Kelly and Uncle Chris

"Hey Sicily whats that?......Made you look!!"

Cousin Kennedy

Cousins Leela and Cassidee

Grandma and Grandpa or as Chandler would say, "Grandmom and Grandpop."

Chandler loves Spongebob!!

Make a wish!

Mmmmm, cake!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Poor baby girl!!

So the sickness definitely hit our house this year, and poor Charli got the brunt of it. We have been so lucky with Chandler, he is almost three and has never had anything more than a little cold, not even one ear infection. So when Charli's nose started running, and she had a little cough I just thought maybe she had a bit of a cold. But as her cough got really deep I took her to the doctor and they tested her for RSV, luckily that came back negative, but the doctor said she definitely had bronchitis, poor thing. There isn't much you can do for that but the usual humidifier in the room and elevate their head while they sleep. She started to get better and then 4 days later woke up (or tried to wake up) with pink eye in both eyes!! It was so sad, I started crying, they were crusted shut. Back to the doctor we went. "How did she get this, she doesn't even go to daycare." But the doctor said it is so contagious, she could have gotten it from a shopping cart. Yuck!! The eyedrops her doctor prescribed were amazing, they started clearing up within 24 hours. Luckily Chandler didn't get it, but I got a back up bottle just in case. Needless to say it has been a long couple weeks and we haven't gone anywhere, therefore the lack of blogging!! :)

So sad!! :(
Our poor beaten child!!

Good as new!! We can see her big blue eyes, Yeah!!!

Just having fun in the bath!! I wouldn't let them take one together for like a week, that's never as much fun.