Sunday, February 15, 2009

I still can't believe she's one!!

I recently had Charli's one year pictures taken. It is crazy how fast time goes by, my baby is getting too big. :( My sister and I like to get my niece Kendall and Charli's pictures taken together since they are so close in age. They did pretty good, but as Chandler has proven, it gets alot harder to take pictures as they get older, they are not wanting to look at the camera and you are making a fool of yourself trying to get them to smile. Oh well, they still turned out so cute. :)

They were being stinkers so we had to bribe them with suckers, and they just happened to match their outfits.

This was so funny, we had to tell the photographer to take it. It looks like Charli is saying "Kendall I can't believe your doing that, I am so embarassed."

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hollywood Connection!!

This weekend we met one of my friends that lives in Orem at Hollywood Connection. We wanted to get together with our kids so we thought this would be a good meeting point. There was definitely a different crowd there, it's not in the best part of town!! But the kids had fun. Here are just a few pictures of them on some of the rides.

OK, so anyone that knows my son knows that he is a "Dennis the Menace"! Always getting into trouble, I have so many stories already about him. I am in for it!!
So, he hasn't quite grasped the concept of waiting in line, we went through this at Lagoon last year and then again at Disneyland, I am still waiting for him to get it. So we were waiting in line to ride the "Krazy Bus" and I was talking to my friend and trying to hold on to Chandler at the same time, well before I knew it he was gone! I was looking around saying "where's Chandler?" I turn around and there he is hopping on the ride. The kid working the ride said nothing as he passed through the 20 people in front of us and pushed his way to the front. The gate was too tall for me to hop over so what could I do but stand there, I wasn't about to push my way to the front. Jon was so mad at me for not keeping my eye on him, but we couldn't help but laugh as he sat right down, pulled the lap bar down and was ready to go.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Charli!!

I can't believe my baby girl is one!! Time goes by too fast, especially when this is it for us. No more babies, (at least we're not planning on it). Well we had a fun celebration for Charli, she was a trooper, there is so much involved with a one year old birthday party. If it were up to Jon there would be no big shindig, he doesn't understand why I go all out when she isn't going to remember it anyways. I did it with Chandler and I'm gonna do it with Charli, and probably for all their birthdays until they are 18. He will never understand, oh well!! :) We always have fun!


What every party is centered around.....Food!!
Cousins- Elle, Ava and Collin.

Chandler loves pizza!!

Yaaaa, more toys!! Can't have too many of those.

Charli managed to get some candy from the pinata before the big kids got it all.

We had an Abby Cadabby themed party, Charli loves her.

Charli LOVED her cake, she wasn't afraid to get dirty!!

Diggin' in!!


We set Chandler's bounce house up in his room, the kids had a blast!

I was so busy taking pictures I forgot to take one of Charli with her proud parents, so my mom took one later.

Party animal!! Or is it a sugar high?!