Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Festival of Trees!

Jon's mom is on the board for the Festival of Trees, so every year since I have known Jon we go and volunteer throughout the week. Then on Saturday we usually go to enjoy it ourselves. It's fun to see all the different trees people donate. And when they are sold all the money goes to Primary Childrens. It's a fun night and a good cause.

Charli and GG (my mom)

This tree was awesome, it was all glass. It went for over $40,000. This picture really doesn't do it any justice.

This was one of the many trees Jon's mom did for the festival. This one was for Jon's Gramps who just recently passed away in July. :(


Red Flashlight said...

That glass tree is phenomenal!

Michelle Woj said...

Ah that looks like fun! You and your family look so cute in that first picture, I love it!

Rachel Banks said...

That picture of Jon and Gramps is great. I'm surprised you didn't write more about the glass tree.

Smiley0709 said...

How fun.. and again what a DARLING family! I love the Festival of Trees, we had to miss it this year, too much going on over the weekend. How cool that you get an inside track to all of it :)

Nicole said...

That glass tree looks amazing. Now I am sad we didn't go this year. We usually go every year!! Cute pictures!