Monday, December 22, 2008

The Lee family Christmas party!

So Jon comes from a a family that's a yours, mine and ours kinda thing. Jon's dad has 5 children from his first marriage, Jon's mom has 1 from her first marriage and together they have 2 (Jon and Rachel). So since his family is so big they have a seperate Christmas party for the Lee side. It was fun, the only sad part was no Santa. :( Jon's gramps that just passed away this last summer would play Santa every year for the longest time. All the grandchildren loved it, they would sit on his lap and Jon's dad would take a picture. It was great, no mall lines. :) The older children started to figure it out as they get older, it was funny a couple years ago my niece Cassidee said to her mom, "he smells like gramps." It was so funny. Chandler got a couple years with him, but Charli will never now "Gramps Santa" :( Looks like it's to the mall we go!!


Michelle Woj said...

Cute pictures! I just realized today by reading your and Rachel's blogs that you are married to her brother! (Right?) :) That is so cool! Built in friend/family!

Rachel Banks said...

So, the best part of marrying into the family...Jon???? Really? I thought for sure, it'd be me. Bummer! Oh, I love that picture of you and Jon. I did such a great job taking it. Oh wait, that's right, you wouldn't let me and took the camera away. Good job Alisha!